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Office manager & Corporate Sales

I am fortunate working in travel. Great opportunities to see the world and meet some interesting people. One of my favorite destinations was Croatia - lots of culture and history. Berlin, Germany also high on the list I used to work with Groups, so escorted a youth hockey group several years to Scandinavian countries - Norway - Oslo & Lillehammer when they were getting ready for the Olympics. Copenhagen, Denmark & Stockholm, Sweden. Have been to Hong Kong, brief stop in China - Bangkok, Thailand, Turkey & Israel. Traveled to Italy - great destination with a lot of history.    I have been involved with travel for 30 plus years, have experienced a lot of changes in travel trends. Exciting part about the industry as it is always changing, you get the opportunity to visit and learn about fun & unique places. My job is the best education a person can ask for!

Destination Expert:

  • Maui Island
  • Cayman Islands
  • Las Vegas
  • Honolulu, Oahu
  • Caribbean

Travel Specialist:

  • All Inclusive


  • Certfied Travel Specialist
  • 2016 Employee of Excellence - Travel Leaders

Industry Affiliations:

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