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"Destination Weddings” have been gradually increasing in popularity over the past 10 years.   It has been estimated that approximately one in every eight U.S. weddings have traveled to a destination to get married with family and friends.  Many resorts have specific packages and facilities designed specifically for these groups.

The primary reasons couples choose a destination wedding are to:

  • Memorable & Unique
  • Save Money
  • Gather Family Together

A  "Destination Wedding Specialist”  can assist you with every aspect of the event, from finding dates and resorts to fit your budget, to advising and sending proper documentation to the resort prior to arrival (every destination is different on their laws and policies).

Your specialized travel agent can answer all the questions you have and give you numerous tips on how to go about setting everything up.

  • What season / dates are going to be the least expensive?
  • What are the legal requirements and what documents do I need to take with me?
  • What is the cost of the wedding ceremony?
  • Will my marriage be legal in the U.S. when I get back?
  • How will I bring my wedding dress on the airplane?
  • How much luggage am I allowed to bring with?
  • Can I prearrange an activity for the entire group to participate in while we are there?

Destination Wedding Specialists know the answers to these questions, and have special contacts to customize this special event just for you.

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