Ally Bergman

Fargo, ND

Independent Contractor

My favorite photo I took on the whole trip.
My favorite photo I took on the whole trip.

Hello! I'm Ally and I LOVE to travel. I got the travel bug when I went on my very first trip, which was to Europe, when I was a senior in high school. Ever since then I have loved everything about traveling. I was very fortunate enough to go on a second trip to Europe only a few years later. I got to see some of my favorite places, and experience new places as well. I have since decided to become and Independent Contractor and share my love of traveling with others. I am fairly new at this but believe I will be able to help with any destination or type of trip you have in mind.

Destination Expert:

  • Germany
  • Paris
  • London

Travel Specialist:

  • European Culture
  • Independent Travel
  • Student Groups

Top Travel Partners:

  • Marriott Hotels
  • Hilton Hotels
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